2022: Life, Ambitions And More

I love this time of year as it’s always a chance to start afresh. I’ve spent the past week or so enjoying Christmas, recuperating and making plans to start a new blog. And here it is! I’ve been trying to get myself into the right mindset for both blogging and everyday life and so far I think it’s working. It’s taking effort to do things with my day, but I always end up feeling better afterwards, so I just need to keep going.

2021 was a difficult year to say the least, I really struggled with my mental health for a large chunk of the year, so I’m hoping 2022 will come as a blessing.

I have high hopes coming into this New Year, I’m optimistic my mental health will improve and I’ll have more time to pursue my hobbies, ambitions and interests.

There was one thing I achieved last year and that was starting a poetry portfolio, I’ve now got organised folders at home where I can put all my poetry, printed out, into one place. I hope to continue with this, as well as sharing them onto my poetry instagram. As well as this I’m hoping to start a photography portfolio, whether this will be online or in paper format remains to be seen, but I hope to get out and about more with my camera as I love photographing architecture as well as nature.

Sewing and Painting are two more hobbies I’d like to start pursuing again and as you can see on my 22 goals for 2022 post I’ve made sewing and painting into two achievable goals for this year, as well as learning to play the banjolele.

In terms of blogging, I’ve now started again – completely afresh with a new twitter as well, and it’s kind of exciting to see where this goes going forward.

In general I’m hoping to really make the most of this year and to occupy my time as much as possible with all my hobbies and interests, while slowly shaping some of these interests of mine into ambitions for the future. I’m hopeful my mental health will take a backseat for a while so I can pursue these hobbies.

Anyway, that’s all for today’s post,

Until next time,


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11 thoughts on “2022: Life, Ambitions And More

  1. I really hope your 2022 is better than last year! I love the idea of starting a new hobby, I’d really love to start painting too. Thanks for sharing, wishing you the best for this year x


  2. I wish you luck with everything, and might 2022 be a good one for us all xx
    Blogging is a wonderful journey; especially as you find a place where you fit in and belong, making so many friends in the way! For this reason, I can’t imagine myself stepping away 😅


  3. Best of luck with the 22 goals! I’m also trying to get my blogging mojo back this year, and commit more to my writing. I like what you’ve done with having an organised place for all the poetry


  4. I’ve definitely gotten a good start getting back to my reading habit. I read at least 12 novels in the last six months of last year. I’m not very good at drawing (not being modest, no hand-eye coordination here), but I kinda want to get back to sewing. It might be fun to teach my daughter to cross stitch this year. And I’d love to learn a new language. Not sure if that’s a hobby or not, but it would take some time.


  5. Well done on starting your poetry portfolio and definitely keep it up with your sewing and painting. Hobbies are definitely a lifeline when you need some upliftment in your life.


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