22 Goals For 2022

2022 notebook on wooden panelling
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So seeing as it’s almost the New Year I thought I’d compile a list of goals for me to go about achieving in 2022. I realise I haven’t been posting much on here since I started this blog a few months ago, but truth be told my mental health hasn’t exactly been in a good place. I feel I am on the mend now hence why I’m starting to post again.

One great thing about setting goals as opposed to just a singular New Year’s Resolution is you have more to look back on when you feel a bit stuck on what to do with yourself. So, I’ve set 22 goals, each with varying degrees of difficulty so I can feel motivated throughout the year.

Anyway, here’s my 22 goals for 2022:

  1. Reach 100 followers on my poetry Instagram.
  2. Reach 5000 all time pageviews.
  3. Reach 1000 Instagram followers.
  4. Start a creative writing course.
  5. Start a photography portfolio.
  6. Reach 1000 twitter followers.
  7. Save Β£5000.
  8. Read 30 books.
  9. Start a Pinterest.
  10. Go to the shop on my own.
  11. Keep on track with medication, appointments etc.
  12. Create a monthly budget.
  13. Learn to play the banjolele.
  14. Learn to play the keyboard.
  15. Redecorate my living room.
  16. Redecorate my kitchen.
  17. Learn finger-style for the ukulele.
  18. Learn to cook a meal from scratch.
  19. Start sewing again.
  20. Finish two paintings.
  21. Create a vision board.
  22. Be more decisive.

So those are my goals for this coming year. What are your goals?

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29 thoughts on “22 Goals For 2022

  1. I love this idea of listing 22 specific goals for 2022. I’m starting to make my list, thanks for the inspiration.
    Good luck with all your goals. Happy New Year!


  2. Great goals – good luck with achieving them! I definitely want to read more and be more decisive in the new year too, they’re both super important. Thank you so much for sharing, wishing you all the best for 2022 x


  3. Some fab goals here, good luck with them all! Saving is a big one for me alongside being consistent with blog posts!


  4. Happy New Year! These are fantastic goals. I also want to learn how to cook from scratch and avoid fast food as much as humanly possible.


  5. Goodluck with your goals, dear!
    If I may suggest, consider starting a bujo to help keeping up with medications/appt and such πŸ™‚ this sure helped me greatly with my planning posts schedule- and you may add however many « pagesΒ Β» as you may need, montly & weelkly, opposed to a regular agenda (that I used to struggle with too).


  6. I love this set of goals because they’re open ended and because of that, you’re setting your setting yourself up for success which is great!


  7. These are great goals! The best of luck to you – I also want to be able to save more money and start sewing! Would love to make my own stuff.


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